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Hello and welcome to my website. I am Carla and I run completely inclusive dressing, makeover and support service for the whole trans community. I have been involved with the community for some time now and have decided to change direction in life and do something that I enjoy and am passionate about professionally. So I decided to open The Cheshire Rooms.


Here you will find information about me , the services I offer to the Trans community. I understand there are lots of different colours in the trans rainbow and no matter where you sit on that beautiful spectrum , you will find something for you.


I adore working with the trans community and have met some fabulous proper through my work. I feel I have an in-depth understanding of how difficult life can be sometimes and I love nothing more than helping girls grow and gain confidence. There is a fantastic , wonderful world out there for you girl and if you'll let me, I'll hold your hand and show you how fabulous life can be.


So come in and have a look around. I'm here to be an understanding female friend and to assist you all in becoming the girl you've always dreamed of being, whether that be for a just a few hours or on a more frequent basis.


I hope you like my site and I hope to meet you soon.


Hugs and kisses


Carlas Dressing and Make-over Service at The Cheshire Dressing Room

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