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I'm based in a little village in between Warrington and Widnes with great motorway links. I operate my studio from a private and unassuming house in a sleepy cul-de-sac. I am the epitome of description and pride myself on that fact. I know how important it is to some of you girls to keep your “femme’ side secret.


My studio is a soft and relaxing safe haven for you to be who you want to be and I will help you turn your feminine fantasies into a reality. I know how difficult it can be and I am here to help.










I have an extensive , wardrobe with , dresses, skirts and tops of all shapes, sizes, styles and colours. I have all types of underwear to suit every type of girl and every type of occasion. I am well stocked with cosmetics to suit all palettes and skin tones. Wigs of every length colour and style and a large selection of shoes of larger sizes. I can transform you into the girl next door or the confident sexy girl about town... the only limit, is your imagination.


Once dressed we can sit and chat about makeup, clothes and all things girly . I love being you're caring and supportive female friend xx


I do however take my obligations seriously and I know that for some girls The need to dress and be your true self is much more than a 'fetish' or a 'bit of fun'.  I have a knack of knowing when this is case and I so want to be able to help you. I can advise on the best style for you, the correct make up techniques and advise on how to carry yourself as a female. I will encourage you and try to give you the skills and the confidence to take it further. I have already helped lots of girls to gain the confidence they need to flourish into the beautiful feminine T-girls they long to be. Many of whom have gone from dressing in secret to accepting who they are and progressing to socialising In the big wide world as their ‘femme” selves .


I'm here to help... don't hide your self away... life's too short and you're not alone. Let me help realise your dreams